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About us

On August 25, 2007 Manny turned 60 years old. We figured that was the perfect excuse for the trip of a lifetime. So off to Europe we went, publishing this travelogue underway in August, September and October of 2007 on We used iWeb software running on Roz’s 12-inch iBook; and in seven short weeks our travelogue had over a thousand visitors, many of whom made wonderful comments to our posts.

Then, in its infinite wisdom, Apple decided to scrap and launch MobileMe instead. In its bungled changeover, Apple managed to lose all our visitors’ comments —forever! This happened not only to us, but to every blogger of the iWeb community. The outcry in Apple’s iWeb Users Forum was louder than a nuclear explosion, but as usual, it fell on Apple’s deaf ears.

On June 6, 2011, Steve Jobs once again announced that MobileMe would be scrapped, this time in order to launch iCloud instead, because “it just works”. He said:

“Now, you might ask, why should I believe them, they’re the ones who brought me MobileMe! It wasn’t our finest hour. Let me just say that.”

What he didn’t say was that MobileMe was already doing what iCloud was supposed to do, that is wirelessly syncing our bookmarks, calendars, contacts, dashboard widgets, dock items, keychains, mail accounts, notes and preferences to our iPads, iPhones and Macs. And what’s worse, he also neglected to add that, unlike its predecessors and MobileMe, iCloud would no longer support iWeb publishing.

But to add insult to injury, he didn’t mention that Mac OS X Lion, a necessary upgrade for the changeover to iCloud, would no longer support older PowerPC applications. So now we were looking at having to buy expensive premium software like Office:Mac and the Adobe Creative Suite for web publishing all over again. Not to mention that the new iOS 5 required by iCloud no longer supports older iPhones like my iPhone 3G and my wife’s original iPhone 2G, which we can no longer sync wirelessly to our Macs. So now we will also have to purchase new iPhones, to boot.

It is evident that customer happiness does not rank very high in Apple’s priority list. On the contrary, Apple’s main objective is to force its customers to continue buying Apple’s new products through a strategy of planned obsolescence. This may be all good and well for Apple’s bottom line, but it sure aint what the doctor ordered for its customers’ wallets.

Later that year, on October 5, Steve Jobs checked out of Hotel Earth. MobileMe was condemned to perish on June 30, 2012. So we had to scramble to rescue our European trip’s blog before MobileMe follows Steve Jobs through the same exit door.

Thank goodness we discovered WordPress!

On the fifth anniversary of that memorable trip, we published again this travelogue from our brand-new WordPress blogging platform.

So, if you’d like to leave a comment now, you’re most welcome to do so. Rest assured that your much appreciated comments will never again be lost!

3 Responses to About us

  1. Michael Lee Gogin

    Ok, I know the party cannot be over however… It would be nice to hear how Manny and Roz are doing today??? XOXO ~MG~

  2. Karen Mire

    Dear Manny and Roz,

    My Mom is 75 years old and wants to go to Montepulcino for her trip of a lifetime. She would like to stay in the village itself and not in a farm on the outskirts as it requires less walking. She realizes you walk everywhere in Italy but still wants an apartment to stay at that is in the heart of Montepulciano but affordable. She would like to use it as a base from which to explore other cities in the Tuscany area for about 3 weeks. Can you suggest decent affordable accommodations in Montepulcino? And any other tips you can provide would be so very much appreciated. I enjoyed reading about your adventure . Thank you for sharing it with us !!



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